How to internationalize your business online: multilingual webdesign, website translation and international SEO

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Multilingual web design

The Openvalley agency is specialized in designing multilingual websites for companies looking to roll out their internet presence internationally.

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International SEO

Multilingual SEO or International SEO is about getting your website as visible as possible to global audiences in local search engines

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Website translation

To make sure your web appears in local search results, we’ll have to integrate international SEO as part of the translation process.

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European e-commerce

One of the challenges of e-commerce is international expansion, and how exactly one goes about it. There are complications around ecommerce websites, language, SEO, payments, tax

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Global social media

The internet provides many ways to communicate with your audience, and we can help you to harness these areas of communication in the countries of your interest.

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International Content marketing

Launching a new content marketing campaign targeting foreign markets is a great way to boost your website’s inbound traffic and brand recognition abroad.

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Which e-business strategy to boost your exports ?

There are many international online activities that can bring your company more business. When launching a global e-shop or a multi-language website, you have to deal with many complexities: technical optimization, website translation, international SEO, social media strategy, content management…The Openvalley agency specializes in multilingual web design, website internationalization, and in e-marketing strategies at an international level.  Start expanding your online presence overseas and boost your exports with Openvalley !

Today’s digital channels are numerous and diverse. Your company have to worry about its website, social networks, collaborations, blogs, videos, pictures, events, reviews …The current trend is to use those channels to create content and conversations.

Translating your website does not guarantee that your foreign customers will find you on the web. Your company website and social media presence have to be optimized at an international level. The growth and importance of SEO and the fusion of search, site, and social fueled by advancement and integration of technology brings opportunity to scale our search and integrated marketed efforts to best effect for the best results at an international level.


Your company website should be at the center of your global strategy. The internet connects to global markets, so it’s vital to make sure that your business is visible in your target countries. Almost 70% of search carried out worldwide is not in English, and there are huge opportunities abroad.

At Openvalley, we help our customers in internationalizing their online presence, providing state of the art web solutions, including multilingual web sites, european e-commerce sites, international SEO, social media optimization, content marketing… When launching an international SEO campaign, we need to take into account many variables that will impact on your search position in Google or in any other search engine. Our multilingual search engine optimization services help you extend your brand’s reach globaly. Our purpose is to improve your organic SEO rankings and internet presence in the countries you are targeting.

At Openvalley, we are aware of the great opportunities that expanding your online presence in foreign markets would mean to your company. Openvalley is your one stop to internationalizing your website. Call us now to trengthen your digital presence in foreign markets.

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